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A  B  O  U  T Free stories? Interesting. But are they any good? Perhaps. Taste varies. Initially, what I'll put online are a few stories that have already been published. Published or printed? Published. Someone liked them enough to pay for them. But usually there is a clause in contracts that requires a one-year wait before reprinting a story elsewhere. So does that mean that you have other stuff published too? Yes. A handful of short stories. When will you put them online? When the one-year courtesy time is up. And they'll be free too? Yes. I tend to think that getting other people to read your work is the hardest part of the job. If I can convince just a few people to give my stories a chance... well... that's a good thing. All for free then. Thanks. Don't mention it.
Oh, and another thing. You have podcasts here. Why haven't you set up an RSS feed? I'm going to wait and see how productive I am podcast-wise.
I'm currently working on a PhD, shopping out short stories and working on a novel. It's busy around here.

I s'pose that's fair. What about unpublished stories? Are you going to inflict those on us at some point? Most wannabes do that eventually. Perhaps, yes. It depends on how many people visit the site and what sort of a response it gathers. I do have a couple  novella length works which are practically unsellable just because of their inconvenient length (about 10,000 words). They might end up here in time. Hm. Just remember, I don't want to see you dirty second-hand reject stories here.
And how often is this site updated? I prefer sites that upload new content every day.
Well... be honest...
This is one of the reasons why I haven't set up an RSS feed. I'm really not sure that this site will update in even a semi-regular manner. But, I can assure you that content will never be taken down under normal circumstances. If you don't stop by for a while, everything that has been posted in the meantime will still be here.
Oh, one more thing.
I've noticed typos and errors and plot inconsistencies and poor pacing and also I think that you don't put enough material online. Oh, and one of your stories needs to be rewritten completely differently. How do I contact you?
Just pop off an email to c.p.johnstone <AT> gmail <DOT> com. I'll definitely reply, even if it takes me a little time. I guess that's about it for me. Well, thanks for dropping in. No problem.
From L. somnus, occuring in a number of L. compounds. Somniloquy. The act or habit of speaking on one's sleep. Somniloquist. One who speaks or talks while asleep.
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