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Writing-Related Podcasts & Advice
This is a small list of a few good writing-related podcasts and writing-advice sites. The internet is ever-changing and links don't always remain stable, so let me know if any of the below links have stopped working. Most, but not all, of the below links focus on fantasy and science fiction. I'm happy to put up links to podcasts on other genres, however, and if you know of a good one, then pop me an email
SFWA writing articles
Various Authors
The only non-podcast site I've listed so far. The Science Fiction Writer's of America have an excellent (but hard to find) page of links to writng articles. This page has been online for over a decade now and is well worth reading, regardless of whether you are a genre writer.
Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing
Shaun Farrel, Sam Wynns and others
One of the best SFF author interview sites around. Includes a lot of good incidental writing advice. If there is any justice in the world AiSFP will eventually be put up for a Locus Award.
Dead Robot's Society
Justin Macumber and many guest hosts.
General writing advice with a number of different hosts and perspectives.
Dragonpage Cover-to-Cover
Several hosts, including, Michael R. Mennenga, Summer Brooks & Michael A. Stackpole.
News, reviews and interviews for science fiction and fantasy. Little gems of writing advice tend to spill out during interviews or general discussions.
The George R.R. Martin Podcast
via itunes   via odeo
George R.R. Martin
A series of podcasts by the popular author George R.R. Martin.
Holly Lisle On Writing
Holly Lisle
A writing advice podcast by the popular author Holly Lisle.
I Should Be Writing
Mur Laffety
Excellent long-running general writing advice podcast. One of the clear favourites on the web, full of very good advice and interviews with writers.
Murder Most Famous (vodcast)
Various speakers
Various crime writers give crime-writing tips for the BBC.
Odyssey Writing Podcast
Various speakers
Excellent series of podcasts based on recordings of talks given at the annual Odyssey Writing Workshop.
The Secrets
Michael A. Stackpole
Some good advice from the popular author Michael A. Stackpole.
Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy
Tee Morris
A podcast that focuses on the business side of writing, balancing writing and life, marketing, promotions etc.
A mixed fiction and writing shop-talk site.
The Kissy Bits
A podcast for romance writers. Appears to be on p
Writing Excuses
Several hosts, including Brandon Sanderson, Howard Talyer & Dan Wells
Good, short writing podcast with the tag line, only fifteen minutes long because you're busy and we're not that smart.
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